jes taylor
brisbane -----------------------------------------------------

(jes, wolfheart)

sentiment; longing; boneache
some things are forever
i hope i make the cut

aussie raised &
american made ™

♥ kyle | aaron | holly ♥

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  • Becky:

    I'm feeling all round and chubby at the moment.

  • Me:

    Dude, you are a tiny princess angel, and if *anyone* tells you different, I will punch them in the face, I don't care about gender; I will punch a woman in the face for you.

What happened between you and your boyfriend??

Four years is a long time to be with someone when you’re still trying to find out who you are. Lots has happened. But we’re cool. At least, I am :p

Hey I live in fort Polk too. You're really cute. I hope you aren't some first sergeants daughter or something lol. I would love to hook up sometime. If you reply I'll know you're interested

HahA, no, I’m not. Although I currently don’t live in Fort Polk anymore, I’m back in Australia. But you know, thanks anyway.